Blue Sapphire

Why Blue Sapphire Stone?

A favorable Blue Sapphire is considered to bring lots of benefits to its wearers. It sways away all the problems related to money, and confers one with abundance of wealth and prosperity. Also, it brings back the lost wealth and material resources of the past. Apart from material benefits, it also enhances lots of other aspects, such as health, longevity, name, reputation, offspring, mental peace, and pleasure in one's life. It also protects one from dangers, crimes, and disasters, and is highly recommended at the time of travelling. It also helps one attain success in professional life. Other than that, there are certain stated benefits of Blue Sapphire. To heal one from the poison of a Scorpion bite, one should put Blue Sapphire in some water for some time, and then use that water to wash off the scorpion bite. To protect oneself from evil eyes, one should wear it as a Talisman. If one is vulnerable to any conspiracy, threat, or danger, then Blue Sapphire changes its color.

Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire
Saturn in associated with Blue Sapphire stone. Therefore, anyone suffering from the ill-effects generated out of the presence of a weak or malefic Saturn in horoscope can wear Blue Sapphire to neutralize them. Usually, Vedic Astrology considers Saturn to be the most malefic planet of all, which however ends up giving pleasant results to its sufferer. However, till that eventual time arrives, one suffers a lot in life. As an impact, one grows up to be dishonest, miserable, indolent, negative, reticent, and doubtful. One goes through too many obstacles and hindrances in different aspects of life, and thus success always remains far away from one's grasp. One usually suffers from depression, has evil friends, suffers financial losses, and can have lots of conflicts and differences in relationships. On physical aspects, one suffers from problems related to teeth, bones, feet, knees, ribs, hairs, nails, and secretive system, and also gets vulnerable to certain health problems such as paralyses, gout, insanity, rheumatism, consumption, bronchitis etc.
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