Cats Eye

Why Cats Eye Stone?

As human body is composed of cosmic radiations, it gets affected by the electronic radiations coming from other planets causing several cellular changes. For bringing a balance in the comic radiations and for reducing the ill effects of certain planets, astronomical gems are worn. Astronomical gems have superb power to alleviate the bad effects of different planets and also help in curing diseases. There are various types of astronomical stones available. Generally, these gems are divided into two types known as Hot and Cold. Gemstones like blue sapphire, topaz, and pearl fall under the category of cold stones whereas gems like red coral, diamond, ruby and cats eye are included in hot category. Different gemstones have different effects on body.

Astrological Benefits of Cats Eye
Cats eye stone also known as lehsunia is really hot in nature. Cats eye is regarded as a shadow planet and remains in retrospective position causing unexpected results. Cats eye stone is helpful in treating diseases like paralysis, mania, etc. This particular stone eradicates the bad influences of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars. For preventing sudden and unexpected mishaps, one should wear Cats eye stone. This stone also protects one from their enemies. Cats eye stone offers amazing result for businessman. It is of great help for people suffering from genetic diseases.
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