Why Diamond Stone?

Diamond influences Venus, thus causing positive changes in a persons personal life. Marriage, beauty, love, music, modesty, relationship, sex and amusement are some of things that are found influenced by diamond. Wearing diamond can cause person to develop an attractive personality and become artistic in nature. Good Venus in ones horoscope brings sex, pleasure, comforts, luxury and high social status.

Astrological Benefits of Diamond
If a person is badly affected with Venus causing disturbed marriage and personal life, they can try wearing diamond. It can cause improvements in their ill reputation as well as finances. In fact, bad influences of Venus can inflict someones health causing them to suffer from problems in their ovaries, generative systems, breasts, throat, kidney, cheeks and chins. Other health troubles that can improve by wearing diamond are diabetes, troubles in private parts, urine problem, problems in skin, etc. Writers, public speakers, poets, priest, politicians, reporters, people in sports and in advertising or media can also benefit. Individuals who need to interact with people for their business wear diamond to influence their personality. There are also people in professionals as medicines and IT who wear diamond to improve their career
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