Why Emerald Stone?

The gemstone representing the positive powers of Mercury according to Vedic Astrology and Navagraha Gemology is Emerald/Panna. Mercury is the planet of business,communication,intelligence,education and intuition.This planet is often referred to as the prince among planets for it takes the characteristics of the planet with which it is posited in a horoscope. This planet signifies love and relationships also and it is said that if a man and a woman present each other with an Emerald stone their Love grows and become permanent. Mercury is also the planet of public relations,modes of communication and publishing. Astrological Benefits of Emerald

Astrological Benefits of Emerald
Green emerald represents planet Mercury, the influencer of memory, speech, intellect, wisdom, travel and such others. An individual with good planetary position of Mercury can become highly wise and also generous in nature. One can wear green emerald in order to influence their mercury position and if they are consistently facing problems in terms of their personality development. Emerald can cure diseases of stammering and memory loss and also bring perfection in speech. This gem is helpful for clearing legal disputes, litigations, loss of fund or when the person falls under the influence of any cheating or forgery Emerald is also helpful in building career by bringing promotion and prosperity with strong intellect power. In case the person suffers from fickle mindedness, gastritis problem, asthma, heart disorders, insomnia, dysentery, ulcer and such others, they will greatly benefit. Sometimes emerald is used in combination with other gems to cure cancer, breathing troubles, stomach disorders, hypertension, brain tumor, eye trouble, nerve diseases and such others.
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