Why Topaz Stone?

Topaz is a lovely gemstone that is known to bestow the wearer with material wealth and prosperity.

Astrological Benefits of Topaz
Yellow Topaz is the secondary gemstone (or Uparatna) for the planet of Jupiter (or Guru), which is the largest planet of the solar system. Out of that association, it is considered as highly influential on the way a certainly positioned Jupiter impacts its host. However, irrespective of its positioning, Jupiter can be strengthened and enhanced to make favorable for its host, with the help of this stone. One gets bestowed with a peaceful and gratifying life, with almost all sorts of sources of gratification available. It also liberates one from those causes of despair which are already present, as well as saves one from those which are likely to come about. It has been observed and accepted as an effective stone for controlling anger and over-aggression, and for enhancing creation by conferring one with philosophical serenity. This stone is believed to be bestowed with certain divine powers, which enable it to work as a shield for its wearer to protect him from evil energies and negative vibrations. It also protects one from accidents, attacks, injuries, or other such mishaps
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