Matsya Yantra

Why Matsya Yantra?

Matsya in Sanskrit means a fish; Matsya Yantra represents Lord Vishnu who took the avatar of this marine form to save the world from a deadly danger. You might enjoy a rewarding and flourishing career; but sometimes, might lag behind in your personal life. Or it might be the vice versa--the reason for either could be the Vaastu faults at your home/work place that disturb your happiness and prosperity. Matsya Yantra rectifies all sorts of Vaastu faults at your home/workplace paving way for positive spirits around you. Vaastu is the ancient Vedic science of arrangement of things in space, somewhat similar to the principles of Chinese Feng Shui. Vaastu faults are incorrect energies in your spatial arrangements which can be corrected with Matysa Yantra.

Specialty of Matsya Yantra
Stagnation in career and struggles in your personal life might be the outcome of the Vaastu faults at your work place and home. Matsya Yantra is as handy to fix these problems as a fish is to clean a pond. It is energized with the power of Lord Vishnu which can bring about a fruitful life to cherish forever. The yantra is so powerful that it can drive away even the worst curses that someone had cast on you! It is also known as "Badha Mukti Yantra". The Yantra creates good virtues and noble thoughts in a persons mind and heart and wards off the evil effects of the bad spirits.
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